What’s up, ‘lighters & future …

What’s up, ‘lighters & future ‘lighters?

This post is
gonna be a lil’ different from the usual posts. So, if you’re a long
time follower you’re probably gonna remember the Cornstarch + Water Fleshlight recipe
I posted a while ago. Well, that was back in 2013! Wow, time flies, hm?
Anyway, as it is usually the case with kinky stuff, I tried it and I
had a lot of fun. By now, y’all already know me: I’ll always give a try
to everything that promises a sensorial experience to my penis. I just
love sex toys and it wouldn’t be any different with homemade sex toys.
If it can make me cum, I’ll try it. You can check my thoughts on that
experience by clicking on the link. Now, fast forward to present day…
this AM I just stumbled upon this video on YT, don’t ask me ‘how’
because even I don’t know – and as soon as I saw the video thumbnail I
knew what that shit was about. LOL! It’s a DIY video about what they are
calling “Potato Starch X” and it’s basically just a new version of the
good ol’ Cornstarch Fleshlight. Given that last time I just shared
photos and written directions, I was like: why not share this video with
my fans? Apparently the so-called Potato Starch X rose to popularity
among the nerdy/geeky demo because of the anime Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.
From what I read, the anime is filled with lewdness and comedy and that
alone makes me think “why the hell didn’t I watch this when it came
out?” I suppose that the cornstarch FL was mentioned in one of the
episodes and if there’s one thing I know, dudes will always want to try
naughty-nasty stuff they see on TV. Never mind the fact that anime fans
are a bunch of nerds! Another thing I can attest to is that nerds,
geeks, gamers, comics & manga readers are a bunch of horny devils.
So it doesn’t surprise me the least that they would try to make the
Starch X. Apparently there is a consensus out there that one needs
potato starch instead of cornstarch to make it work. I call it bull
since I myself made my own Cornstarch FL once and it worked perfectly.
But I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s best. The youtuber in charge
of this preciosity, David, got a good result and it reminded me of my
own cornstarch FL. I think he should have used a tall glass rather than
his mug though. What I like the most is that David owns up to the fact
that he tried it on his dong. Way to go, David! Be proud of being a
perv. Never regret it, man. I bet David is also a fucking
Fleshlighter… no one who goes through the trouble of vlogging about
making a potato starch FL, and adds a corny/erotic track playing as
background music, would ever keep himself from experiencing a legit FL
pussy! Plus, this is how he answers the “would [you] recommend this?”
question: “hell yeah!” So, fuck yeah, ‘lighters and dudes: go try it