MoaS’ 2500 Follower Spanking Challenge

First and foremost, thank you for following my blog. I appreciate that any of you care enough to want to see what I’m posting. I hope to continue posting content that is real, submissive, and naughty. Much love to you all!

Now, without further ado I present MoaS’ Spanking Challenge. 

It will be up to you just how red and sore my bottom gets in a few days. That’s right YOU hold the power to turn me into a whimpering mess with a bright red boy butt, possibly for days.

It’s simple,

-For every like and comment (no double comments will be counted) on this post I will get 1 bare handed slap on my bum.

-For every reblog (no double reblogs will be counted) of this post I will get 1 swat from a belt.

-As if that wasn’t enough (my inner masochist screams more MORE!) I will place a x2 multiplier on my total number of spankings if this post reaches 500 notes (no double comments or reblogs will be counted toward the total number of notes (and I will be counting!))

-That means that 350 bare hand spankings could go up to 700 and 150 belt swats can be double to 300. Ouch!

This post will accumulate spankings for FIVE DAYS. The end date/cut off time  will be 21.08.18, this coming Tuesday, at 3:00pm EST.

Depending on the success of this post, I will not be able to take all my spankings at once (I don’t think I could handle 1000 spankings in a single day) but all of them will be completed by noon, 12:00pm EST, on Saturday 25.08.18 at the very latest. Regardless to when the spankings are complete, there will be pictures of my reddened boy bum and if we are lucky video of me taking some good swats. So wether you follow me out of love, follow me just for cute nudes, or hate me cause of my confrontational attitude, nows your chance to get me spanked.

Thank you again for the follows! Now please, make me wish I had never done this challenge in the first place.

I don’t normally reblog stuff like this, but I’m doing a nice boy who needs a red ass a favor!