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Fleshlighter cyrus4life asked me to reblog his video. He calls…

Fleshlighter cyrus4life asked me to reblog his video. He calls it “my masterpiece.” Here’s one proud Fleshlighter, y’all!

Fleshlighters turned 5 today!I cannot fucking BELIEVE IT! Wow!…

turned 5 today!

I cannot fucking BELIEVE IT! Wow! Time flies… Thank you, followers. If you weren’t there, I’d have stopped doing this by now. Cheers!

Any good blogs for showing MF couples playing around with fleshlight as and sleeves?

Not that I know of…

What sensation do you recommend for a beginner?

What sensation I recommend?  Sensation? What do you mean? I’m so confused, bro.

You seem to care more for your female followers… is that the case?

I feel that I have already answered this… well, anyway, no: I care for all of my followers equally because they give me their audience and time. And let’s be honest: I’m not giving a lot since I don’t always have the time to sit down and re/blog stuff. So it’s great to know that people are paying attention to whatever I put up on here. What happens is that I’m more puzzled by the way women navigate through cyber porn and what catches their eyes. I’m more part of the internet age of porn but I remember older buddies buying magazines featuring naked girls. I never heard though about women I knew buying magazines featuring naked dudes! I have had the pleasure of having female friends that opened up and offered many opportunities to talk about sex and even porn. But I never had the chance to go into specifics because I feel that is somewhat private. It’s too personal asking some specific stuff. For instance, my guy friends know I like porn every now and then. I have even shared what pornstars I admire/lust for/like. But I never told them the very specific things that give me a boner or trigger my orgasms. So you can have an idea of how reserved I am around my female friends when the topic is porn. I also don’t feel so comfortable talking this type of thing with girls because I know how porn can be exploitative and make women uncomfortable. So this tumblr is a way of getting to know more, and seeing what’s out there, in terms of women consuming and looking at porn. As I once said: I never expected women would like my tumblr so much! I made it to try to take away the stigma that men that use sex toys are losers. In the end, I got a lot more and I appreciate that. So, yeah, I don’t care more for one gender more than the other in terms of following but female followers do spark my interest a lot because of all I’ve jut told you.


My buddy Fleshlighter John has a lot of fun playin’ eeny, meeny,…

My buddy Fleshlighter John has a lot of fun playin’ eeny, meeny, miny, moe! What a lucky ‘lighter!

What kind of fleshlight do you recommend that’ll really get me to blow harder than I’ve ever had?

I dunno, man… I haven’t tried the whole line but I can tell you that any one of them will make you blow hard and good. You should try one with texture because the original one is great already… imagine adding a few “bumps” along the way…


I love to use fresh natural aloe vera as lubricant. It makes me crazzy. But i read somewhere that if you use it frecuently could cause a loose of sensitivity. Is this true? Thanks Lublover

Yo Lublover,

I have NO idea. I never used aloe vera as lubricant and just the thought makes me uncomfortable to be quite honest. I’d recommend you use a water base lubricant.


Signature FL pussy is worth every penny.

Signature FL pussy is worth every penny.